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Metal Flashing

Roof flashing in Northern Ireland

Roof flashings are integral to secure the building envelope from water and other elements.


As well as protecting the building from water,  flashings are a good opportunity to enhance the overall aesthetics of your building. Here at ProMetNI Ltd, we manufacture high-quality, metal roof  flashings, gutters and facias  we can arrange a variety of coatings and we can provide colour options to tie in with existing buildings or for your new project.

We fabricate flashings from our standard range below and if you are finishing a non-standard roof, we can custom make your bespoke flashings with a short lead time.



Folded sheet metal to provide a weather seal to the building envelope. Our metal Flashings range enhances your property or project, available in a fabricated aluminium, Plastisol or PVF2.

Flashings include but are not limited to 

Drip flashings, Barge Flashings, Jamb Flashings, Corner Flashings, Head Flashings, Ridge Flashings, Capping Flashings, Abutment Flashings


Guttering is used within the boundaries of a roof, either between two roof surfaces, between a roof and a wall or an external gutter at the eaves of an industrial roof.  Our ProMet guttering range includes Box guttering, Highline guttering, valley guttering and eave guttering and is made to your dimensions in up to 4m Lengths in both plastisol and aluminium.

Soffit/ Facia

Exterior or interior architectural feature that protects the building from the elements preserving the life of both the building and the roof. 

Here at ProMetNI we manufacture these in a range of materials to your exact specification and colour of your choice in up to 4m length.

Custom Orders

We have the capability to produce custom flashings in a vast range of materials up to 4m in length accurately and efficiently.

We fabricate for new buildings to tie in architecturally and for repair and maintenance of older buildings

Please get in touch with your project needs for a quote.

Sheet metal folding

What is sheet metal folding?

Metal folding is the process that gives the metal product its shape. A machine is used to bend or fold the metal in order for it to reach the intended form for your needs.

What we do

Our folding department consists of manual and automated press brake machinery and folders meaning we are able to meet customer requirements. Our commitment to improving our customer service means that we are continually reinvesting into the company to give the best folding solutions to our customers.


Got a project and need some help?

Contact us to discuss on  077 020 10155

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